Friday, September 24, 2010

fun in the sun

i love this pool! i think i was more excited than the kids :P
it's got a slide, sprinkler at the sides and
also a sit at the back pool with cup holders. how cute!
but filling it up with water was alot of work haha.
callum couldn't wait to go in but had to ask him to hold on plenty of times cause we were filling it up.
i think it took about an hour plus for it to be filled.
it's great fun. definitely worth the money

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

helloooo :P

oh my gosh, it's been preeetty hectic these past few months.
my sister came back for a month.
teagy had her first flight and holiday, went to singapore TWICE!
and now we're in kk.

i expected the worst on the flight crying screaming kicking and all of that.
but thankfully teagy DID NOT cry even a wee bitt.. even the steward was amazed! hehe
she was just restless cause she reeaaalllyyy wanted to crawl and explore. heh.

the trip to singapore was gooood! everything is so cheap there!
the first time we went was to see my in-laws before they flew off to london and second time was with my sister, we went to the singapore zoo and universal studios!

now we're in sabah! and im loving it here.
teagy finally met koko callum and they just instantly bond.
a lil bit of jealousy here and there but im sure that's normal heh.

teagan amani just turned 9months.
oh time flies so so fast.
she's starting to walk - with help of course.
knows how to say hello and byebye (daidai) heh.
LOOOOVESS to tilt her head and peek at something or someone.
knows how to do hand gestures for twinkle star and itsy bitsy spider.
now she's learning im a little teapot :D

and this is new - everytime she sees a pillow she'll put her head down and mumbles pretending to sleep. haha

and oh myyy, taking care of a little crawler is soooo tiring!! she panjats EVERYTHING and so so so curious. she's been crawling fast fast since like july and since then i've been running around making sure she doesn't fall.
and then i put her in her jumperoo to take a break :P

planning to go over to the resort this weekend. play at the beach! but we'll see.
have not told the husband and plus its been raining like mad here!!!