Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday bake!

Creamy peach pie!! Yummmm

Sunny side up

Every morning I wake up to this two sleepyheads GLUED together.
We have a king size bed but no matter what when I wake up teagy will be squished at the end of the bed under daddy's armpit.
Never under mine.
All I get from her is her kick,slap and punch in her sleep.
No matter which side i sleep on left or right she still rolls her way under daddy's armpit.
so i wonder.......

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday bake!

I've decided to bake every Sunday now. Just figured out how to use the oven - since we moved in last year I thought the oven rosak hehe.
So I've only started 'Sunday bake' two weeks ago.
Started off with something easy chocolate chip cookies
Second week I made creme brûlée
And today I'm making chocolate lava cake!
So far Husband is very satisfied with the bake.
He actually requested for some more cookies so I made then again the next day heh.
so now every week I look forward to Sundays. never knew just how much I love baking till now.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Decided to cook jambalaya for dinner tonight and it was sooooo good!
Haha yes I'm totally blowing my own horn.
But seriously it was good and it wasn't even hard to do. Probably one of the simplest things to cook!

Here's what you need

Chicken cubes
Chicken broth
Cayenne pepper
bay leaves

First you cook the chicken, onion and garlic.
Then you put in tomatoes - smash it a little so the juices come out
Next pour in the chicken broth and add all the seasonings + herbs
Lastly add the rice, simmer for 15-20 minutes and then add the shrimp
5 more minutes and you're done!!!

I used campbells chicken stock so yeah no need to make your own chicken stock - that'll be too much work.

Gong xi fa cai!!

Had a family dinner on CNY at renaissance hotel. Actually expected the food to be better, it wasn't bad but it wasn't that great either. Plus I'm a dessert person and their dessert wasn't awesome at all pfftt. Anyway I got this picture from my aunts Facebook.. Definitely my favourite picture!!
Baby girl with her great gramps. I'm so framing this up!!


Looks like someone misses sitting in her bumbo

Everytime I check on her it's a different position!