Thursday, August 25, 2011

Teagy's retaliation

Teagy took my nail polish and brought it to me, asked me to put it on her nails.

I of course said no and told her when she's 18 she can wear all the nail polish she wants.

She then goes to the next room, 5 minutes later she came back to me with this!

Sigh.. I can never win with this girl haha

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

journey to beautiful skin - part 1

Growing up i never had any problems with oily face, acne or pimples.
I was really super content with my skin and my face.
But all of a sudden I started having eczema when I was 18, and after i gave birth i started getting adult acne!!! THE HORROR!!!
Oh and also, had chicken pox at 16 that left quite a lot of scars.

So the adult acne was the last straw, I felt totally horrible about myself.
So I went around in search for the best skin care for my face, I went for facials and TRIED really hard to control my eating, less sugar and salt, less greasy food and all that.
Which is probably the hardest thing cause i love my food and husband and me we like going around in search of the best places to eat haha.
Plus some of the things he was eating, man, I wanted it so bad but had to control it.

Also, on this journey I have lost 8kgs! Which is awesome! I still have about 15kg to lose to be at my ideal weight. and 10 kgs to lose to be at my pre-meeting-my-husband weight.
Looking back at the pictures I went "oh my god who's that skinny girl!!"
haha, my hands were so tiny, but now i have all this flabs, they're like wings!!! ugh.
CANNOT believe i actually thought i was overweight at that time, WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!

So now I'm pretty much happy with where I'm at, my skin is better and I'm finally starting to lose the weight. Next post I'll tell you how my skin went from THIS

dull skin, scars and pimples. dry patch and very oily T-zone.
it really is worse than it actually looks here.


two months later CLEAR SKIN!!! almost...
I still have a few more chicken pox scars to get rid off.
The best part is my dark eye circles and eye bags are getting better!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


when aliaa was up here

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

whoa its different!

oh my gosh! i have not been on blogger thru my desktop for a while now.
its so different now! took me awhile to figure everything out haha.
i'm not exactly tech savvy.not at all actually :P

anyway here are pictures!!! hehe more pictures.
of our dinner at muhibbah that we organized.
my whole family only on mom's side of course! and husband's family who are living here in kl.
plus aunty siti who just happened to fly in the exact same day. heh

 i wanted a photo with all of us in it but half already went back at that time, and some were like at the front chit-chatting heh
 teagy's uncle azraei!! my baby brother is the best uncle to this little monster! and teagy loves loves loves him! she would always get all scared at first, and then after she has warmed up to him she'll be whispering him secrets that she doesn't tell anyone else, pfft!! imagine if they actually see each other everyday rather than once in a blue moon!! i think they'll be BFFs! haha

 it's so hard to get teagy to salam people!! but when she's in a good mood she will go round and round and salam kiss everyone!! the other day she did 3 or 4 rounds just salam-ing heh.

I recently just made teagy a matching dress to the dress i was wearing that night.
we will be 'premiering' out matchy matchy look tomoro at the airport!!!!
we're flying off to kk for a week. yeayyyy.
can't wait.
hoppefully teagy will be good on the plane.
she's been a really good flyer. no crying at all. but i know this time will be hard.
she most definitely would not want to sit still..
so daddy has to get ready to walk with her up and down the aisle.
yes daddy NOT me! ahahhahaha

will most definitely upload photos of our look tomoro when we arrive at klia.
daddy is not gonna be happy having to snap pictures after pictures tomoro! HAHA!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some TLC time needed

The in laws plus Callum was here third week of July. Right after my sister went back to melbourne which was perfect timing!! Haha.

Crystal, my sister in law is also back from UK which is great cause this is the first time since I knew my husband that I actually have the chance to really kinds spend time with her.
We have had several issues between us but now it is all better and we have put everything behind us so it just awesome!

Of course the cherry on top was that Callum came down too!! Teagy was just super excited! And again got very very sad when she woke up and they have all left for the airport.

There were cuddling in bed but by morning time it became THIS

YES that's right I got pushed off the bed!!!!

While they were here we all stayed in kl at the hotel so I felt like I was on vacation as well hahaha.It was very much needed!! Though it was super tiring! They were only here for 3 days so had to pretty much cram everything! Shopping, Chelsea game, doctors appointment, dinner with my family, finding baju raya, meeting friends and some more shopping. All that plus two monkeys jumping around and teagy getting cranky sometimes cause all she wants to do is run and jump around but no can do! Haha
I had fun. Next week we're going to KK for a week.
Looking forward to that, and buka puasa time there is an hour earlier!!! Hahaha

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