Tuesday, April 26, 2011

all smiles

husband surprised me with this!
daddy and teagy picked it out
its the most beautiful arrangement i've ever seen!!
love love love it!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cooking show

Since we switched to beyond months ago, channel 706 has been my faaaaaavourite channel!
I could sit in bed and watch it all day.
I've tried at least three recipe from all the cooking shows on it.
I must say the best recipes come from rachel ray's show 30 minute meal. I'm not really a fan of her, i seriously get so annoyed watching her cause she talks non stop. Sometimes i put it on mute! Haha but the food is gooooood and so simple!

Now, giada at home on the other hand have got the crappiest recipes ever! Plus she uses all these fancy ingredient thats not easy to get and the simple recipes tastes yucky!

Barefoot contessa also have got good recipes. Her desserts are delish! And i LOVE how she gives you all the simple ways to make you own dip/sauce.
Like pesto mayo, tartar sauce, cheese dip and all that.

Yum! Just talking about it is making me hungry.
And what i love even more is all the desin shows! Especially now that i need all the inspiration i could get to start designing/decorating my condo!
Of course the plus to this channel is the workout show in the morning.
I still have not tried any of it et but i REALLY want to. I could use a good workout in the morning!still need to get rid about 5 more kg to get to my pre-pregnancy weight and 15KG to get to my pre-dating-carl weight!

Haha YES!!! Before i met my husband i was at my dream weight. Growing up i was too skinny. I didnt realize this then but now looking back i seriously look like i was starved!!
But now im just so huge i feel sooo uncomfortable! so im hoping to lose between 8 to 11 kg by raya time! Hopefully!!

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Found the culprit!

Teagy has been havin this on and off phlegm-y cough for over a month!
I gave her cough syrup at first and nothing really changed.
Tried giving her muculator, its a poweder form medicine for her phlegm still nothig changed.
I even turned the bathroom into a steam room to clear her throat and we slept with only fan no aircond for weeks.
STILL the cough wasnt going away.
Contemplated to go to the doctor a couple of times but decided not to waste money cause i know in the end they're just going to prescribe cough mixture.

At the same time Teagy was eating mangoes twice a week.
Every saturday my family gather at my grandparents and after seeing how much teagy loves mangoes, my grandma would give 2 pcs of mango every time we go there. Then this one week my aunty finally commented how mangoes actually makes cough even worse!!

I was like "whaaaaaaa....."
So after that we stopped giving her mangoes completely
And almost immediately the cough and phlegm went away completely!!
I was soooo relieved!

Now i know to give teagy mangoes in moderation haha

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Friday, April 1, 2011


Told the husband just how SWEET he was last night to massage me at 3am.
It hurt so bad i woke up from my sleep and wanted to cry cause i was so tired all i wanted to do is sleep but couldn't because of the pain. So husband volunteered to massage me til i sleep.

So anyway all he had to say was
"Dont call me sweet.....I'm a bad boyyy"

PFFT!!!!!! xD

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