Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Red cherry pie

My kitchen aid is finally here!!! I can now bake again!!! The first thing I baked was sugar cookies with pink sparkles but the maid burnt it. She did not check the oven and I was in the shower Pfft.
Today decided to bake a pie and OMG it is sooooo EASY to make and knead the dough with this thing!! Did not shed any sweat! Hahaha the dough was perrrrrfect!!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

sad little bunny

Went for dinner the other day and teagy was sound asleep on her stroller when an idiot decided to just jalan and hit her stroller. Ugh I got so annoyed with him. He said sorry but obviously he didn't mean it, teagy then woke up crying and was so upset that she was whining thruout the whole dinner. The guy was sitting EXACTLY at the table next to us and did not bother at all to take a second look, if I accidentally woke someone else's baby up I would feel sooo guilty!!!!! he's a father so he should know how cranky kids get when you wake them up, and it was HARSHLY too. Pfft!!
Husband took her jalan jalan then he sat her down two tables away. She was so adorable just sitting there alone while we ate our dinner two tables away!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

But which one mommy?

Saturday, two weeks ago, we were all getting ready to head to my grandparents place like every usual saturdays. But this time was a little different,
I called out to teagy and said let's go we're going now.
Suddenly she came running towards me, opened the dressing table drawer and pulled out two bags and ran out the room.

I then chased after her laughing and calling out to husband. asked teagy what on earth does she think she's doing with those bags. She then started talking in her baby language and I did not understand a thing she was saying haha.

She was running around with the bags sooo happy. Having a hard time deciding I told her to bring the blue one and she went "okaaaaaaayy" then sighed hahahaha.

It was funny and all but that would be the last time she brings a bag around. The next time will be when she turns 16. I get so weirded out by small kids these days carrying a handbag around when they go to the mall *facepalm*.
I think when it comes to all this I'm pretty old fashioned HAHAHA.

So Teagy no handbags, make up and hair colour until you're at least 16. :p and no super super hot short pants as well as a teenager. Eeee I cannot stand that. so young and so shooooort their pants. Tsk Tsk.

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