Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Emergency stop button

I need to find a button I could press to stop my life from going downhill. I feel like it is going from bad to worse to waaaaay worse in 2.5 seconds.

It feels like I have set myself for destruction from the very beginning. How is it that I saw this coming but continued down the path anyway? Ignored all the stop and u-turn NOW signs and just continued.

Such a big ball of mess right now and so disappointed with myself.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Potty training

Looks like it's harder than I thought. Started to potty train Teagy about three weeks ago, it was going smoothly especially with poopin, she would tell me she wants to poop and I put her on the potty, peeing however wasn't so easy, I put her once or twice every one to two hours on the potty and she'll pee sometimes, mostly she just sings and screams hehe.

Suddenly two days ago she refuses to sit in her potty, she's all NO NO NO NO NO

I don't really know how to handle this, still trying to figure something out. hmmm.

I actually thought it's gonna be smooth sailing.. oh dear..

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hair do

I love it that now teagy let's me do her hair. I can now tie it however I want and put cute clips on. Love love love it!! Even more cause her hair is long now. She used to not let me touch or go anywhere near her hair. Couldn't even brush it! Now I can sit down with her and brush it 50times and she would just sit and chill with me. Yeay!!

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Friday, October 21, 2011


I walked in on this two days ago she's too too cute!!

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pretty baby

I've always adored cheongsams. So when I knew I was going to have a baby girl I got super super excited cause now I would have a reason to buy all the cute nice cheongsam!! Hehe last year I bought teagy a red one that she wore during CNY 2011.

On our trip to Singapore last month I saw a really cute not really a cheongsam I'm not sure what it's called for teagy! She got super excited too when she saw it, she couldn't wait to put it on!!

She now picks her own stuff to wear and buy, when we went to H&M she was saying no to everything I chose and finally agreed to one pair of dress that she likes, sigh I was hoping this phase wouldn't come so early!!!

So instead of waiting to CNY 2012 here's my baby all excited that she finally gets to wear it!

It was Saturday night and we were going to my grandparent's place and teagy obviously did not forget to brig along her troller!!! With baby dolly in it!

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Friday, September 23, 2011


Finally got Teagy her 'troller' she's been wanting one for a while now.. She's soooo happy pushing it around..

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

we're finally back!

From KL to KK back to KL then to Sandakan again to KK back to KL headed to Singapore and now finally back in KL.

7 plane rides in one month! Did not do any good to my skin and my body. Skin is all dry and my body is still aching.
Of course all aches just momentarily disappeared while going crazy shopping in Singapore but now it is back again haha.
The exhaustion finally hit today, but still having trouble sleeping due to my crappy sinus that have been blocked and pressured and giving me all sorts of problems for two months straight now WITHOUT any break.
Really considering the surgery now to 'fix' it, i don't think i could take it any longer.
It has now starting to bother my throat as well, its getting really sore and plus the phlegm is just ughh..

Singapore was really fun this time, compared to the trip last year when I sent off my in-laws off to UK.
This year we sent off my sister-in-law.
Spent more time as well, 5 days.
Also H&M just opened in Singapore so double yeay!!! haha
I was the only one excited though, the in-laws they have H&M in UK so no biggie pfft.

Now back to reality, was getting used to room service and housekeeping hmpfh.
Also missing kakak Isa's cooking! especially her fish curry, dang it! I knew I should have had more the other day.

Found out today that my piece of shit father has a life insurance on me that covers my death.

1- It does not benefit me in any way
2- It does not benefit my family (that i care and love and STILL in contact with) in any way.

Have to get this sorted out because why on earth would i want his family profiting from my death..
Is that how insurance work?
Sigh I dont even know how these things work.
Gotta get more info on this.
The AIA people DID NOT HELP at all.
They kept insisting that I get the info from him.
Excuse me EWW I would rather drink the king cobra's blood than be in any sort of contact with him.
Yuck just the thought of him right now makes me wanna barf!

So I better stop.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Temper tantrums

Boo boo wanted to play with my wallet and I said no. So she.....

acts like it's the end of the world LOL

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finally I get a real kampung raya!!

For raya this year we went back to sandakan. My first time seeing my husband's kampung and my 'kampung raya'. I don't have a kampung to go back to so I was pretty excited. We went back on the evening of first raya. Raya'ed at my gramps in the morning and off we went to the airport after, flight was at 5.30pm.

The flight from klia to sandakan airport took about 3hours and abit. It was a good flight all three seats to ourselves and no turbulence except when we were already in sandakan cause it was raining.

Unfortunately for my little booboo she fell sick almost immediately after we landed. She was so happy laughing and kidding around on the plane, had some fish and chips an fell asleep. After we landed she woke up, we got into boy's car to go to the hotel then she vomited! Her body started to feel warm, she vomited again at husband's aunty's place and body was really warm.
The whole trip was just a disaster for her, vomiting and diarrhea. Lucky we found a clinic that opened till late, her temp was 38.7c..

She was pretty much just wearing her diapers everywhere we went cause she was too hot to wear any clothes. She wasn't smiling wasn't eating, just so cranky the whole trip. All she wanted to do was lie down and roll around on the bed at the hotel, on thursday I stayed in with her and she just slept in the whole day.

We went from sandakan to KK on Friday, so now I'm in KK and probably going back soon - haven't gotten tickets yet.

Now my baby's happy and healthy again yeay!!! After a week her stool is finally solid (?) again. I think that was the hardest thing for her - the diarrhea. It was so bad her whole bum and all over had really red rash. The kind that was painful just if I ran water over it. It was so sad to hear her scream and cry whenever we wash her poo.

Yeay!!!! Oh how I miss that smile!!

And I love these pictures! Must frame one of these up! This was at KK terminal baggage claim.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

journey to beautiful skin part 2

Last year I happened to catch one of oprah's favourite things episode on diva.
and i saw this brush thing for your face, so she was showing how it has improved thousands of faces.
I did not think much of it cause I know there was no way I'd be able to get one here in Malaysia.
Plus it retails about two or three hundred plus in the US, so i was even more ugh-ok-nevermind.

but surprise surprise they open a sephora here in KL and i finally could get my hands on it!!
of course the price was abit crazy, but after much thinking and going back and forth husband told me to just get it.
I think he really just wanted to shut me up.
haha I could now stop talking about it.
One minute I was like "oh ok la I think I'll get it" but the next minute i'll be like "nevermind laa its waaayyy too expensive just for a tool"

So in June 2011 I finally got myself a clarisonic plus!

Price at Sephora KL was RM8xx.xx
i cant remember exactly.

and it was worth every cent!
I have finally resolved all problem i had with my skin.
the bigger brush is used for your body, so i can not only use it for my face but for my body as well.
It has helped me with my eczema which i am SO SO SO thankful for!!!

i had no regrets whatsoever spending that much on this product.
i am now pairing it with dr brandt's skin care.
after im done with that im changing to SKII.

so so excited!
i can now have super flawless skin again! haha

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Teagy's retaliation

Teagy took my nail polish and brought it to me, asked me to put it on her nails.

I of course said no and told her when she's 18 she can wear all the nail polish she wants.

She then goes to the next room, 5 minutes later she came back to me with this!

Sigh.. I can never win with this girl haha

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

journey to beautiful skin - part 1

Growing up i never had any problems with oily face, acne or pimples.
I was really super content with my skin and my face.
But all of a sudden I started having eczema when I was 18, and after i gave birth i started getting adult acne!!! THE HORROR!!!
Oh and also, had chicken pox at 16 that left quite a lot of scars.

So the adult acne was the last straw, I felt totally horrible about myself.
So I went around in search for the best skin care for my face, I went for facials and TRIED really hard to control my eating, less sugar and salt, less greasy food and all that.
Which is probably the hardest thing cause i love my food and husband and me we like going around in search of the best places to eat haha.
Plus some of the things he was eating, man, I wanted it so bad but had to control it.

Also, on this journey I have lost 8kgs! Which is awesome! I still have about 15kg to lose to be at my ideal weight. and 10 kgs to lose to be at my pre-meeting-my-husband weight.
Looking back at the pictures I went "oh my god who's that skinny girl!!"
haha, my hands were so tiny, but now i have all this flabs, they're like wings!!! ugh.
CANNOT believe i actually thought i was overweight at that time, WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!

So now I'm pretty much happy with where I'm at, my skin is better and I'm finally starting to lose the weight. Next post I'll tell you how my skin went from THIS

dull skin, scars and pimples. dry patch and very oily T-zone.
it really is worse than it actually looks here.


two months later CLEAR SKIN!!! almost...
I still have a few more chicken pox scars to get rid off.
The best part is my dark eye circles and eye bags are getting better!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


when aliaa was up here