Monday, May 30, 2011


Whatever callum did teagy would follow. Its so cute!! And i love this picture will definitely frame this one up!!

Teagy's kohkoh callum came back from UK an had to transit here before flying off to KK. So we went over to LCCT to see him. I LOVE seein them play together. They're two years apart and still so young but can already see that they have so much love for each other. They spent about three hours together then when callum had to board the plane he was asking "but why?" had to hold back my tears at that time :( teagy then got teary eyed and was looking away, no eye contact whatsoever not saying anything. So so sad!!!!
Looking forward to seeing him again raya time

"callum why you so sad??"
"no...this is my teagy took my buzz lightyear face"

Hahahaha. He was so protective of teagy.
"teagy don't go there!"
"teagy, no that's dirty!"

Then he would say
"i think teagy like me..."
"i miss teagy too much..."

Aww... Typing this right now makes me all teary eyed!!!!
Every few minutes he would hug and kiss teagy. too cute!!!!

At one point teagy tripped and fell he then ran towards me and said
"oh nooo that was my fault!!"
Eventhough it wasnt haha
And the cutest part of all that boy had an english accent!!! Haha so so cute!!

Took a short video of them running around. Lucky found a huge empty spot at international boarding. Thet could just run around without us having to worry much.

YouTube Video

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Don't know why i can't upload photos from blogpress. It says
'some problem uploading photo. Check connection'

Grrr i've got two posts in draft that cannot be published. Boooo

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Red velvet cake ii

Yes.... My cake is THAT good hahahahaha. My dream used to be owning my own salon but now i want to own my own bakery!!!!

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Red velvet cake

Im not really a fan but husband requested it so I got excited. Who cares if it's not my thing haha. So this is the end result. It was quite easy to do and i think all the practice is doing me good.
I actually got THREE slices without breakig the cake at all!!! Wheeee.. But i should've put more cream in between, i was worried i wouldnt have enough cream for the whole cake but ended up having extra on top. I took the first taste and it's good :p love the colour!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

And the oscar goes to....

Teagy baby pretending to be sick. She took the tissue herself and started fake sneezing and fake blowing her hingus hahaha

YouTube Video

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yo gabba gabba!

Daddy bought the cutest pair of vans for little miss teags

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yummy thai food

I think i figured out how to keep her quiet (more quiet than usual) at the restaurants, by letting her eat on her own. I always get scared that she'll make a mess but the mess was minimal so yeay!!!

At the restaurant there was this couple with two kids, probably aged 10 and 13. They kept staring at us with the "OMG so noisy" face.
UGH!!!! I hate that!! It happened last night as well at the japanese restaurant here in saujana. GRR.

See i dont understand it,
ONE teagy was NOT screaming!
TWO she wasnt runnin around bothering you
THREE she wasnt crying hysterically!

What are these people's problem??
Yes she might drop the fork or spoon.
Yes she might get excited and laugh and giggle and scream joyfully.
Yes she also might sing loudly

So dont look at me like i dont know how to control my child when she did not do anything wrong!!!!!
So obviously instead of trying to 'control' teagy i stared at them back with my evil look bahahahaha
And i think im really good at that,
They did not look at us anymore after that and if they did i'd probably go up to them and ask "yes can i help you?!!"

Dont get me wrong. When teagy does cry or get cranky me and husband both try to calm her down or bring her out of the restaurant to calm her down. That i dont mind la cause i know a crying baby is not a pleasant sound for others while they're eating and trying to have a conversation. I DO know whats appropriate and what's not. I'm not all rude and be like no my baby's always right and you're always wrong!! Hahahaha


Here's a video of teagy happily eating yummy rice with egg salad!

YouTube Video

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thank god for washable crayons

It costs a little bit more than normal crayons but definitely worth it. Haha teagy got to the crayons yesterday and started drawing on floors and walls. She was having so much fun the little mischevious monster. The crayons is probably the best buy out of all her toys she just loves it! Its something to distract her with when shes bored with her cartoons but its too hot to go out to the playground.