Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hair do

I love it that now teagy let's me do her hair. I can now tie it however I want and put cute clips on. Love love love it!! Even more cause her hair is long now. She used to not let me touch or go anywhere near her hair. Couldn't even brush it! Now I can sit down with her and brush it 50times and she would just sit and chill with me. Yeay!!

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  1. wheeennn is my baby's hair gonna grow that long, hahaha... berkurun tunggu

    just to let you know, I’ve moved my blog to liyanaznil.wordpress.com :) do drop by and leave your link? I’m in the process of rebuilding my list of blog-buddies :) cheers!

  2. yes! i found your blog thru your twitter. left a comment on there weeks ago! i thought you've stopped blogging!! was kinda sad cause i wanna hear stories about that lil cutie pie alisha!!

    p/s : i found that conditioner and brushing her hair alot kinda helped with the growth. im not sure if its just my imagination or what thought hahaha