Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pretty baby

I've always adored cheongsams. So when I knew I was going to have a baby girl I got super super excited cause now I would have a reason to buy all the cute nice cheongsam!! Hehe last year I bought teagy a red one that she wore during CNY 2011.

On our trip to Singapore last month I saw a really cute not really a cheongsam I'm not sure what it's called for teagy! She got super excited too when she saw it, she couldn't wait to put it on!!

She now picks her own stuff to wear and buy, when we went to H&M she was saying no to everything I chose and finally agreed to one pair of dress that she likes, sigh I was hoping this phase wouldn't come so early!!!

So instead of waiting to CNY 2012 here's my baby all excited that she finally gets to wear it!

It was Saturday night and we were going to my grandparent's place and teagy obviously did not forget to brig along her troller!!! With baby dolly in it!

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