Wednesday, September 21, 2011

we're finally back!

From KL to KK back to KL then to Sandakan again to KK back to KL headed to Singapore and now finally back in KL.

7 plane rides in one month! Did not do any good to my skin and my body. Skin is all dry and my body is still aching.
Of course all aches just momentarily disappeared while going crazy shopping in Singapore but now it is back again haha.
The exhaustion finally hit today, but still having trouble sleeping due to my crappy sinus that have been blocked and pressured and giving me all sorts of problems for two months straight now WITHOUT any break.
Really considering the surgery now to 'fix' it, i don't think i could take it any longer.
It has now starting to bother my throat as well, its getting really sore and plus the phlegm is just ughh..

Singapore was really fun this time, compared to the trip last year when I sent off my in-laws off to UK.
This year we sent off my sister-in-law.
Spent more time as well, 5 days.
Also H&M just opened in Singapore so double yeay!!! haha
I was the only one excited though, the in-laws they have H&M in UK so no biggie pfft.

Now back to reality, was getting used to room service and housekeeping hmpfh.
Also missing kakak Isa's cooking! especially her fish curry, dang it! I knew I should have had more the other day.

Found out today that my piece of shit father has a life insurance on me that covers my death.

1- It does not benefit me in any way
2- It does not benefit my family (that i care and love and STILL in contact with) in any way.

Have to get this sorted out because why on earth would i want his family profiting from my death..
Is that how insurance work?
Sigh I dont even know how these things work.
Gotta get more info on this.
The AIA people DID NOT HELP at all.
They kept insisting that I get the info from him.
Excuse me EWW I would rather drink the king cobra's blood than be in any sort of contact with him.
Yuck just the thought of him right now makes me wanna barf!

So I better stop.

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